Dr. Barbara Stürm


combines healthy hair care with professional performance, using  ingredient science-based formulations that are uniquely targeted at  supporting the scalp’s ecosystem. The innovative and clean formulas  combine carefully selected, scientifically researched botanicals with  advanced, high performance ingredients to holistically address the  diverse needs of the hair and scalp for healthy and beautiful hair.

Similar to  the  skin,  the  scalp that lies  beneath your hair  is  a unique ecosystem termed  the ‘scalp microbiome,’ a microenvironment comprising of an epidermis,  sebaceous  glands  which  secrete sebum, sweat glands and adipose tissues as well as a variety of microorganisms, including  bacteria, fungi and viruses. These microorganisms are vital in keeping our scalp skin healthy - studies  have shown that a balanced scalp microbiome allows for better absorption  of  the  vitamins  and  minerals that lead to healthy hair growth. However, typical haircare products and treatments contain  harsh ingredients can cause imbalances or suffocate the scalp, leading to adverse reactions such as  itching, dandruff, irritation, sensitivity, redness, breakouts and  excessive  oiliness.  Additionally,  lifestyle factors such as stress, nutrition  and pollution can  also play  a role, causing the  acceleration  of  and triggering premature hair  loss and greying. The  right day-to-day haircare which promotes a  clean, clear and balanced scalp is therefore essential for the scalp and hair’s overall health.